The Judicious Collection

Free Spirit Shaking Soul loves statements and creative ways of activism for a better world. Together with artist Christine Johanson, The Judicious Collection was made. The Judicious Collection is posters of collage artwork with global questions as a focus. It is limited designs and aims to raise awareness about some of the topics we think needs more attention.

the judicious collection.

good judgment.
common sense.
in Sweden we call it klok.

Take your broken heart and turn it into art. The global issues are breaking our heart and to be judicious to us means to have common sense, to be truly honest with the thought that our way of living many times are far from OK and are affecting future generations all over world. To realize that change has to be made and to brave enough to accept the challenge. In our part of the world we have some key issues to deal with.

We think that all you have to do to be a change maker, to be a true hero and to actually help save the world, is to be j u d i c i o u s. The rest will come naturally.